stagehands on strike

stagehands on strike, originally uploaded by yayaempress.


a gentleman

a gentleman, originally uploaded by yayaempress.

Instead of sitting home yet another Sunday, I went to Union Square to check things out. Upon arriving, I felt only slightly disoriented before i found my bearings & decided to get a cup of coffee at cosi. Then I ventured back out into the cold windy day & saw people filming in the park. Others were sitting on steps in the vanishing sunshine waiting on friends and family. Others were eating or shopping or just talking on their cell phones. But when I quit paying attention to all those people & turned around, I saw these two guys sitting down to the play chess. I played with the light meter & walked around to catch them playing their game. To my surprise, the younger of the two leaned over to light the older gentleman's cigarette. Interesting moment to catch. Afterwards, the older man gave me the stink eye so I took it as my cue to leave. :)


No War in Iraq

IMG_2302, originally uploaded by yayaempress.

I took advantage of the sunny day and went down to Union Square to see what was going on in the world. Came across these two who are against the war in Iraq. But I think this was being filmed as part of something to do with NY Film Academy, which is located around Union Square.


setting up

setting up after a scratch, originally uploaded by yayaempress.

Taken on our day on Main Street in Tarrytown, NY. We got a new camera, the Canon D40, & decided to take a small roadtrip to play with our new toy. Click on the photo to get to more photos.


a new tattoo

Damien, originally uploaded by yayaempress.

Two weeks ago I walked into New York Adorned early on a Saturday afternoon, waited my turn & then signed up to have my body graffitied by Damien, my tattoo artist from New York Adorned. He did a wonderful job and I absolutely love my new ink.



Louis, originally uploaded by yayaempress.

Lost Bayou Ramblers ended their annual northeast tour by playing in Brooklyn first at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens & then at Pete's Candy Store. This was my 4th year to hang out with the guys & the first year that I've actually traveled to see them on the road when they were close enough to get their by Amtrak train. If Lost Bayou Ramblers come to your town or even close by, GO SEE THEM! You won't regret it.


White Trash Photo Shoot

White Trash Photo Shoot, originally uploaded by yayaempress.

A couple of weeks ago, our friends threw a Trailer Park Trash party at their place in Brooklyn. Costumes were a must & so was attitude! We had a blast! Click on the photo to get to the rest of the photos from our Trailer Park Trash photoshoot.